Hotel Rasika

Nestled in the heart of Kolhapur, Hotel Rasika is a haven of elegance and comfort, offering travelers a place where luxury meets the local charm. Located just a short drive from the bustling Kolhapur Railway Station, this accommodation stands out with its impeccable service, serene surroundings, and an ambience that whispers the city's cultural narrative. Each space within the hotel is thoughtfully designed to ensure a stay that not only refreshes the body but also revitalizes the spirit.

The Rooms

Hotel Rasika boasts rooms that are a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. Each room is a private sanctuary, featuring tasteful furnishings, a cozy wardrobe, a state-of-the-art flat-screen TV, and linens that whisper tales of the finest comfort. With the inclusion of a safety deposit box, private bathroom, and soft towels, the rooms offer a secure and plush retreat. From the practical elegance of the Deluxe Non AC Room to the opulent serenity of the Grand Suite, each space is tailored to make your stay in Kolhapur unforgettable.


The amenities at Hotel Rasika cater to the needs of the modern traveler while preserving the essence of Kolhapur's hospitality. Guests can enjoy free high-speed WiFi, ensuring connectivity with the world, and free private parking. The fitness center is equipped to help you maintain your routine, while the on-site restaurant and bar promise culinary delights and moments of relaxation. With room service available round-the-clock, every need is met with a touch of grace.

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Guest Testimonials

"My stay at Hotel Rasika was a journey into Kolhapur's rich heritage. The hotel's proximity to historical sites like the Mahalakshmi Temple enriched my experience. The staff's warmth and the hotel's luxurious comforts made it a trip to remember."

"The culinary adventure at Hotel Rasika was unforgettable. From the spicy Kolhapuri cuisine to the chef's special desserts, every meal was a delight. The hotel's elegant dining ambiance added to the charm of Kolhapur's flavors."

"Hotel Rasika is a serene escape in the heart of Kolhapur. The view of the sunset over Rankala Lake from my room was breathtaking. It's the perfect blend of tranquility and luxury."

"The hospitality at Hotel Rasika is unmatched. Each staff member went out of their way to make our family feel at home. The hotel's location made exploring Kolhapur's wonders convenient and enjoyable."